Thursday, July 15, 2010

More hooky stuff

I have not been posting since a while. But I was definitely not away from my hooky business. Just take a look at what I have been doing this while.

Well, you must have seen this yarn, in this post. Then I really had no idea what to make out of it. So any idea what this is?

Another scarf! May be I am getting obsessed with scarves. The reason, these are easy to make, fast, and with each one you can try out a new pattern. So, as making scarves are so addictive, I made another one also.

This time with two colours. The pattern was really quick and easy. See them together once again.

Then I hooked up something really quick and useful.
These two coasters.

We are just two in the house. And so one for each of us :-)
And I have started with something new! If it turns out successful, I'll let you know what it is ;-)

This is taking most of my time now. I have used the same stitch as in the
blue scarf and the Big Pink Blanket.

So see you all later.