Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I was travelling the whole of last week and was too busy. I literally had to take a break from all my crafty activities. I kept yearning to reach out to my hook and yarn. But yes, I did enjoy the break with my family. Now I am back in Bangalore, but there is a lot to catch upon. At the work front, lot of priority works to be completed, and at the home front, a week's laundry tops the list. My plants have grown and have started yielding, which means I have to give some time to them as well. 

So, my point is, hooking and crafting is gonna have to wait for some time. But I'll be back soon! :-) I do have some things that I had done before leaving. Photographing them is the left out step. Nowadays it gets dark by the time I reach home. So I am looking forward to the weekend to photograph them in natural ample of light.

See you soon! :-)

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Yarns

I did buy quite a lot of yarn over the past few weeks. I bought them from Raja Market and Commercial Street. Except for one or two, the rest are dull colors. I already started making the project using the Larksfoot stitch using these yarns. Out of the rest, I picked three colors for a new project. The colors are these.

I took this picture using my mobile and in insufficient light. So it doesn't do proper justice to the yarns. I fell in love with the purple yarn instantly. The green is actually a lighter shade. And the cream colored one on the right end is equally lovely.

I have started rolling these up. I am imagining some pointed ripples or some simple ripples. I do have a project in mind. Let me see how it goes. My hands are just itching to lay them on these lush lovely yarn.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trying out something New

For the past so many months or probably years, I have been doing the same granny squares, rounds, and shell edgings. Maybe something different I tried was the Ripple blanket. When I did my yarn shopping few weeks back, I bought some really dull colors and had no clue what to do of it. I used a little bit of it for my Flower coasters. I rolled out the rest and kept thinking and thinking and thinking. I did not want to do a granny square again. Finally it dawned on me. I remembered having seen the Larksfoot stitch is some blogs long time back. I really don't remember where I saw it but remember that it had shades of red, pink, and cream.

I thought I will try out the Larksfoot stitch. I worked on the pattern and didn't get it initially. I kept drawing and drawing. I used some leftover yarn also and tried the pattern. After some tries and drawing, I finally got it right. I know, I could have just browsed it online. But wanted to try it totally from my side.And once I had the pattern set, I started stitching.

This picture was taken two weeks back. Now I have pretty well progressed on it. Don't know when I will complete it as I find really no time these days for craft :-(