Monday, June 28, 2010

Something lovely again!

I worked up something over the weekend. And I'm almost totally in love with it.

Remember this combination? I had used it to make my cellphone pouch and key chain flower here.

Still wondering what it is? It's a lovely scarf!

I pestered hubby until he agreed to 'model' for the shoot ;-) You see, it's really nice when you have somebody to come in front of the camera when you hate the job!

I love the texture, stretchiness, and colours of the scarf. I have actually been fondling it ever since it's done. This is perhaps my one project which turned out exactly as I wanted it. I love the stitches and it's look again and again and AGAIN!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Things

Things making me really realllly happy today:

This teeny-tiny bud on my french marigold. Eager to see it open up!

Seeing sprouts from the carrot tops I put in water.

Loving green tender leaves and shoots finding its way through the soil out into the open.

This pretty thing resting on my tomato leaves early in the morning.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A treat to self!

Guess what I treated myself to today - lots of free time alone in the comfort zone of my home.

I did a couple of this and that. Roaming in the house here and there. Strictly no tv and browsing - this distracts me and eats up my whole time. A bit of leftover work. And finally enjoyining the rest of the evening. Did it all mean the same? Yeah, I actually was completely relaxed and enjoying the day in bits and pieces. Lunch with hubby. Coffee and some hooking up alone. Oh, loved the sunshine too.

Its been a couple of days since the sun actually shone in this part of Bangalore. It used to be wet and dull all the day. I really hate going to office on those days. I love being at home when the weather is cold and gloomy. But can't help it. My laundered clothes stink and may need one more round of washing :-( And my plants craved for some sunlight.

Hmm... Finally the sun shone today - in all its glory. Actually while walking to office I hoped the sun to hide behind the clouds for some time. But yay, I loved it.


My green lovelies loved the warmth and light.

I loved this small patch on the opposite wall...

... and the small cloudy designs.

Love the light falling on these leaves and trees.

Through the camera lens I spotted this pink and off-white balcony grill and think that its really cool.

And from where I sit now, it looks like this.

Love this view as well.

So I am treating myself to a cup of cold coffee in my fav mug, doing some more rounds of my Big Granny Square, and loving my new yarn balls.

Something Lovely

Its been a lil quiet over here at my blogland recently. But my projects didn't take the back seat. I have been busy crocheting and crafting all the last few days. Our system has some issues and I really regret it now. I don't like working on laptops much and so you didn't see me here for the past few days.

Well, I have a couple of projects on-going now. Hubby did keep on saying not to do so many projects and scatter them around. But I was like, I need different projects to keep me entertained. Now even I feel I must have not started few of them now. Let me tell you what all I am doing right now.

: Big Pink Blanket

: The Big Granny Square

: Ripple project

: Blue crochet scarf

: A stitch kit project

For a beginner like me, too many projects keep distracting me. Hope to complete all these soon. Now though I see lovely projects on the blogs, I am scared to start any. Let's see how all goes.

We had a lovely weekend. The weather was especially lovely. Saturday, till noon, the house was bustling with the sounds from the television, system, rattles from the kitchen, and the little birdies outside. By noon everything was silent. It began drizzling and became a bit cold. We had lunch, spread out the beds on floor of the living room, and slept cozily till a lil late in the evening. Then everything was again a hurry - quick baths, getting ready and all set for a small outing together. We didn't decide where to go. But I had decided that I wanted to enjoy some ice cream in the mild cold weather outside. And I did that. We drove to the Commercial Street with apprehensions of not getting the parking slot as it was a Sunday. But to our surprise, there were many slots empty. The reasons - football and the rains! Yay, I now love the football and the rains.

As we walked through the streets it started drizzling again and got dark. Slowly the lights turned on and the streets looked lovely with all the colourful displays. We did a couple of itty-bitty purchases. And I bought something really lovely! Wanna see it?

Yes, I bought some lovely yarn again. I was too tempted when I passed by the shop.

And now these are mine.

I have not bought the mixed shades yarn before. I fell in love with the colours instantly and had to buy some of those.

Not yet decided what to do with these lovelies!

After the purchase, we reached back in time for the Argentina match. Hubby is a big fan and I don't even gaze at the television when the sports channel is on. See my boring tastes ;-)

Sunday was a too lazy day. Dinner was at a friend's place. So I had all the reasons to be lazy and adjust on whatever was easy to cook for lunch. And we had breakfast from outside. I must say I was super lazy ;-)

ps: I have already rolled out the yarns and kept them into neat balls in my blue bucket. So c u all for now.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Granny love

I have been making this big Granny Square over the last weekend.

I started it on an instant whim and when I added colours, I loved it.

Just love how it grew.

Loving it from every angle.

But unfortunately, I ran out of thread :-(

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rains and Ripples

I was away from my crafty world for a few days. I had been to my native to attend a family function. Spend 3 days with my in-laws and 3 hours with my parents. You see the difference! This is how it is after marriage :-) But I enjoy my time being with them as well. My mom-in-law is a good cook. So now you know what I do when I am there ;-)

I did carry my crochet pending projects along when I went. But I must tell you that I didn't time even to take it out of my bag. So I took a break from crochet! And are you wondering what I did there? Nothing but enjoy the rains!!!
[Edited to add: Hubby took this pic and I loved it. With his permission I posted it here. But forgot to mention it dear!!!]

Now that I have reached back, I have started with something new - A Ripple. Its been raining heavily in Bangalore over the past few days and I find that rippling is the best way to enjoy the rains! More about the project later.