Thank you for visiting! I am Resmi, a Technical Writer by profession, and crafter by passion.

Crafting and DIY has always been my passion. I can spend countless hours trying to craft and fix things. Sometimes, when I am bit by the craft bug, I find it hard to even sleep. However, having said that there are other priorities in my life, which leave me with very less time for my crafts. 

Married to a Graphic Designer, mom to a naughty little toddler, and a full-time Technical Writer. Contrary to the time when I started blogging, when I had lots of me-time, I now find very less time to blog or craft. However, as my family is supportive of my crafts, yarn baskets lying around, late breakfasts, and loads of unfolded clothes, I squeeze in time to do something creative. Not everything I do is perfect. There are lots of failed projects around the house, which I hesitate to throw away.

Crochet as a hobby. I then went on to teach the craft to a few budding crocheters, sold few finished items, created few patterns, and even put up a crochet stall. 

I have made Bangalore (India) my home and am constantly thinking of great DIY ideas, which mostly never materialize. 

Some of the handmade finished items are on for sale and can be found on the SHOP page.

Want to contact me? Leave me a comment or mail me at resmirin(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks again for visiting.