Friday, February 13, 2015

Crochet Even-Eyelet Scarf

I finally managed to write a pattern for the white scarf. I named it as Even-Eyelet Scarf. Reason being that it is worked as eyelets placed evenly throughout the scarf.

It is a quick and easy pattern. Once you get the flow, you can just whip it up fast, probably in an evening and wear it the next day!

The best part is that you can easily customize the length and width of it. It is airy and best suited for mildly cool weather. You can use a chunkier yarn and create a chunkier scarf.

You can find the pattern in my Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy pattern stores.

Some more pics.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Scarves are perhaps the easiest and quickest items to crochet. An absolute stash buster project. You can try varying colors and different stitches. And almost everything turns nice and pretty as a scarf.

I have been making some scarves and also had a few which I had made quite some time back.

Weaved in all the ends and gathered everything for some photo shoot :-)

First one has the color combination as the one I used for the Mini Green Blanket.

Some yarn ends are left hanging at one end and it looks like a fringe.

Next is a white cotton scarf. I somehow am totally in love with this one. It is super long and lovely to touch.

A red one. This is not as wide as the white one but definitely long enough.

And finally one in variegated yarn.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Last week, it was our little Angel's second birthday. We decided to host a small get together at home. There were few infants on the guest list and we wanted all the toddlers, infants, and Moms to be comfortable. We had around 25 people and prepping the house for the event really kept me on my toes for quite few weeks. Finally, there was a chance to unpack any unopened boxes, organize entire wardrobe, give away or sell-off no more used items, and make our home tidier. Once everything was in place, we thought of few decorations to be done.

It was minimalistic but this is what we did:

- Settled on for shades of blue and lighter complementing tones.
- Created a big '2' from metallic blue-shaded balloons.
- Ribbon backdrop for the cake cutting.
- Tissue paper pom-poms hanging from the ceiling.
- Line of pom poms on a wall.
- Considerable amount of balloons all over the floor.

Now some snaps.

The pics are little blurred as I cropped them out from the whole to show just the decor. If possible I may upload a few more good pics.

Now look at this doily table spread. It is a lovely spread, handed over to me by my Mom. And this was the perfect occasion to use it.