Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All about being Happy!

Yes, I am very happy at the moment. I have the best people in the world around me.

Love these sprouts and greens.

Adoring the beauty of this beauty.

Finding extreme happiness in watering these lovelies.

Being able to crochet something nice.

So are you happy?

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Obsession!!!

Last weekend when we went shopping, I found this.

When I picked it up, my hubby was like, "What is it for? Your yarns??" I nodded positively.
Hubby: You just bought a big one. So why this now?

Then I started wondering whether I am getting obsessed with these. Somehow, I was able to overcome those thoughts and put it in our shopping cart.

Doesn't it look cute? It holds all my small supplies for a smaller project well.

Unlike the blue bucket, this is very much smaller. See it is just the size of my palm and fingers together.

Like you, even I am thinking why I bought a blue again. There were other colours as well. But I instantly picked this one. May I am shifting from pink to blue ;-) I am currently making a small hand clutch and this blue basket is really good to hold the small project - yarn ball, crochet purse, scissors, needle and thread, thimble, and the lining fabric.

I am very delighted on this purchase!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Lovely Evening

A lovely evening to me is when I reach a little early from work and find that none is at home. Parents decide to go out shopping, hubby is at office, and Mittu decides to be extremely obedient. So what do I do next?

Go out and watch the skies for sometime.

Then I decide that I must do some crochet in the evening light. I really haven't done that before. I have always been crocheting indoors and actually gave it a try.

I used my BPB for the purpose.

Doesn't the colours and the stitches look lovely.

I am loving the texture of the yarn against my skin.

And I brought in my new friend, the blue bucket to help me. See how nicely it holds my yarn balls while the BPB rests on my lap.

What else do I require to make my evening lovelier?

A cup of coffee in my favourite coffee mug!


Repurposing - Pair of gloves from old T-shirt

I have been thinking from a long time to buy a pair of gloves. Reason is that I drive my two wheeler to office and it is too hot in the mornings. I have started getting tans on my fingers. Though I am not a too fair person, it is easy to make out the tan now. Funny part is that I wear a jacket and so only the fingers look too dark. Earlier I did make an attempt at crocheting a pair of gloves. I worked on my own pattern and it did turn out fine. But the unfortunate part was that it got worn out too soon due to holding the brakes, accelerating, and more rough use. So for my use, cloth gloves was the best I understood. And luckily I got this idea - make use of the long sleeves of my t-shirt. I chose one of the t-shirts which I loved due to its stretchy comfortable fabric.

It was quite and easy project. Don't believe me? Let's see how to do it.

1. Pull out an old t-shirt.

2. Trace your palm outline onto the innerside of the sleeve.

3. Cut the sleeves in the required length and along the outline.

4. Now sew along the outline with inside out. I handstitched it and used blanket stitch for the edges and backstitch for the firm hold of the fabric together.

5. Now turn the glove out correctly and try it on. If you find that the wrist portion is loose fitting, you can sew a small elastic strip or create a button hole and sew a button on it. I used a press-button as that was what I had handy and was easy to finish off the project.

If you want you can embellish it with flowers, fancy buttons, ribbons, and laces. I left mine plain.

We have to do a lot of sunny business together now.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blue with holes

I recently bought a small bucket for my yarn projects storage and quick access. I wouldn't call it a bucket. It has a lot of holes in it. Wanna see it?

It was on an instant whim that I bought it. Not one, but two :-) It is good to hold my WIP stuff as I work on it, the yarn balls, scissors, and is easy to take it around. There are no handles to hold and lift it but the holes serve the process. I simply put in my fingers through any of it and take it around.

I really love this blue thing when I work on my BPB bcos the size of the blanket is increasing day by day and I can roll and keep it safe in this bucket. How nice! Earlier I had to fold it and cram it into the basket. See how well it rests here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


No I am not saying about braiding my hair. I rarely do it after my last haircut. What I am speaking about is something completely new to me. Last day I tried making the braided bread from Dana's blog. This was my first try at bread making and it turned out well. But I did a mistake of not keeping the dough to rise for enough time.

I was too eager to bake it and see the result. Had I waited an hour more, the bread would have been softer. Something what I enjoyed to the core was the braiding part. It is addictive to me and I wanted to keep doing it for some more time. But ran out of dough.

I didn't even wait for it to cool down. Started munching on it right away. I have a slightly burnt tongue now ;-) I will definitely make this again and give it lots of time to rise.

Thanks Dana!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hello everyone!

The first thing I do after switching on my PC is to check a list of blogs I love. I must say that the first in the list is Lucy's
Attic24. Though she is not posting from the last few days, I am eagerly waiting for that blast of colours and sweet post on the way. There are a lot of blogs out there which I love, most of which are listed on my sidebar. I am not acquainted with any of these crafty people. I would really love to. But I seldom find enough time to contact them as I keep admiring those pics and colours on these blogs. My very recent addiction is to Disney's Ruffles and Stuff. Don't you find her and her works lovely?

And for what I have been doing:
  • Another row of the Big Pink Blanket
  • Started crocheting a small handclutch
  • Pestering my husband to buy me more yarn
  • Transfering my sprouty goodnesses to individual recycled pots

Good day all!