Friday, May 21, 2010

New Obsession!!!

Last weekend when we went shopping, I found this.

When I picked it up, my hubby was like, "What is it for? Your yarns??" I nodded positively.
Hubby: You just bought a big one. So why this now?

Then I started wondering whether I am getting obsessed with these. Somehow, I was able to overcome those thoughts and put it in our shopping cart.

Doesn't it look cute? It holds all my small supplies for a smaller project well.

Unlike the blue bucket, this is very much smaller. See it is just the size of my palm and fingers together.

Like you, even I am thinking why I bought a blue again. There were other colours as well. But I instantly picked this one. May I am shifting from pink to blue ;-) I am currently making a small hand clutch and this blue basket is really good to hold the small project - yarn ball, crochet purse, scissors, needle and thread, thimble, and the lining fabric.

I am very delighted on this purchase!

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