Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Crafting

This year I had my first Christmas tree of my life and I am way too excited about it. :-)

Hubby was too good enough to buy me a small Christmas tree and a star. He hung the star in the front of the house. I was entrusted with decorating the tree. One day one, I tied some red satin ribbons onto it.

Next I made some pom-poms and hung it all around.
Then I cut out a small star and hung it.
Then wound some decorative gift paper (cut out in a string) around the tree.
Laid some small gift at the base of the tree.

And my tree was ready. All set for Christmas. :-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hooky Weekend

This weekend seemed pretty short and not that a great one. Reason - Hubby was working on Saturday also. So Saturday was a lazy day for me. But I was able to start up on a little bit of crochet again. Want to see what I have been doing?

I am planning to make a small square blanket or wrap out of these blue and white granny squares. I have been successful enough in making 9 granny squares through yesterday and today. It was really wonderful to have begun hooking again. But I have lost that speed I had. Now I am taking longer to hook up those grannies. Hopefully I will gain momentum over the coming days.

Excuse me for these grainy pics. I was too lazy to take out the camera and take the photos of my work. So just took it on my cellphone camera.

And, this is how my evenings look. Lovely right?