Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blanket Progress

I don't remember when I actually started working on the blanket. What as a shawl is now becoming a blanket. So this means that lot of time and yarn more than what was actually expected should go in. Just take a look at the growth of this blanket.

It can now be spread on a double cot bed. Please ignore my messy bed. Shall I call it my craft station rather than describing it as messy? ;-)

I have used four different shades of pink yarn now.
The stitch used is a modified version of Shell stitch. In the same stitch space, I stitched three trebles, then two chains and again three trebles. This will give a pointed appearance instead of the rounded top.

I love seeing this BPB and what I love the most is snuggling against it.

So I am off to start with the next row of baby pink.

Hope you all enjoy your evening!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Storing and Sorting - Anagrams!

I don't have a lot of crafty items. But I do have some yarn, needles, threads, scissors, fabric, and such stuff. Storing these is quite very difficult for me as I don't have a proper storage place. I have been admiring a lot of storage products at various online stores. Most of these were out of my budget and I was thinking of making one by self. I had bought the fabric as well and taken the measurements to make a hanging storage. But luckily, I must say, my friend gifted me with a multi trayed storage stand. Yippeee... I was actually jumping with joy when I saw that my crafty goodies were fitting nicely into the trays and looked organized for the first time EVER! And more to the happiness, she had also given me a small basket which can hold my essential craft items when I being a bit crafty. Want to see it?

Take a look at the inside also.

I am not very happy about the fabric in the basket. I do have thoughts of changing it. But I am letting it remain for some time. I love the small flowers on the fabric. It is real cute.

You think that I have only those much of yarn? No, I have a little more. But all are messy and tangled up. I am currently into this job of untying the knots and making them into lovely yarn balls. And my dad was kind enough to help me in the process.

A small update on my Mittu. It was cloudy today and Mittu was sitting at his regular spot enjoying the breeze and the view. That's when I reach home and start trying to irritate him. I start with taking a few of his pics. He does stay still for one or two.

And then when he gets irritated what does he do?

I am quite happy that I am doing a little bit of crocheting regularly nowadays. Currently I am doing one row each of my Big Pink Blanket (BPB).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hooking and Watering!

Hello there! Hope you are doing great :-)
Guess what I was doing all this while! Nothing! :-) Well, my mom and dad has come along with us and I must say that I am a lot relaxed now. Our pet parrot, Mittu, also is along, which makes me spend most of the time irritating him ;-)

Last two days, I have been doing a little bit of hooky business. Wondering what it is?

Another Cellphone Pouch. Wondering whether I am obsessed with pouches? No, I am not but my old pouch has become so worn out that I desperately need a new one. And if you are wondering why the same colour as the old one, I don't know. I just dug out this yarn ball from the whole stock of yarns :-)
There is another thing that makes my heart skippy today. I had planted some seeds and they have started sprouting. Wow! My first serious gardening experience I must say. I know its a shame but still I admit that I am very new to it.

This is my shallot sprouting. I really love the tender stem like sprouts. Every time I see them, I feel like plucking it off and enjoy holding them in my hands. I am terribly resisting that devilish temptation though.

Now this is my French marigolds sprouting. Don't they look cute?
Hope you all have a lovely day! :-)