Saturday, May 21, 2011

Notice board

I always wanted to create a small notice board for self. I often write down tasks for my day, reminders, list of things to buy, and even the menu for the day.
For a long time I kept writing down the tasks on post-its and kept pasting and kept pasting it on the walls and cupboards. Last week, I finally made a small board for myself.

I used a cardboard piece, covered it with a silver sheet. Then I hung it on the wall.

Now I can write on the sheet using a marker and wipe it off using a cotton cloth or tissue. And stick post-its on it as well.

I have kept the markers and pens in a glass just below the board.

I used this to hang the board. Cute right? :-)

Making a customized board for self is very easy and consumes less than half an hour. You can add your personal touch to it by covering the board with gift wrapper, fabric, or even newspaper.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Tote

I finally completed something which was on my list for a very looooong while. I had started this project way back in July last year. I had blogged about it here. It is a tote and was almost done, but not complete until two days back.

For the body of the tote I used thick maroon yarn. I did the modified shell stitch (as in my Big Pink Blanket). This stitch gives the bag a chunky look.

For the mouth of the tote, I used thin black yarn and single crochet stitches to make it firm and strong.

For the handle of the tote, I used it from an old handbag and did spaced single crochet stitches way around the belt.

I took the tote out with me over the weekend and am extremely pleased with the result. I may add a zipper or button to the tote mouth some time later.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bits and Pieces Project

After clearing off all those bits and pieces of papers and twines from my butterfly mobile project, I have come back to my very own Crochet. This time I have started on something with all the left over yarn I have from the previous projects. I was way too confused what to make out of these small balls of yarn. They would not be enough to complete a project. So I thought and thought and thought and finally it dawned on me.

Yes, I have been crocheting flowers. Remember my
flower project? That was made into a small neck scarf.

So now what do I plan to make of these? I am still thinking. I have a couple of small ideas. Let me see what works out. Meantime, if you have any ideas, let me know :-)