Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Lovely Evening

A lovely evening to me is when I reach a little early from work and find that none is at home. Parents decide to go out shopping, hubby is at office, and Mittu decides to be extremely obedient. So what do I do next?

Go out and watch the skies for sometime.

Then I decide that I must do some crochet in the evening light. I really haven't done that before. I have always been crocheting indoors and actually gave it a try.

I used my BPB for the purpose.

Doesn't the colours and the stitches look lovely.

I am loving the texture of the yarn against my skin.

And I brought in my new friend, the blue bucket to help me. See how nicely it holds my yarn balls while the BPB rests on my lap.

What else do I require to make my evening lovelier?

A cup of coffee in my favourite coffee mug!