Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hello everyone!

The first thing I do after switching on my PC is to check a list of blogs I love. I must say that the first in the list is Lucy's
Attic24. Though she is not posting from the last few days, I am eagerly waiting for that blast of colours and sweet post on the way. There are a lot of blogs out there which I love, most of which are listed on my sidebar. I am not acquainted with any of these crafty people. I would really love to. But I seldom find enough time to contact them as I keep admiring those pics and colours on these blogs. My very recent addiction is to Disney's Ruffles and Stuff. Don't you find her and her works lovely?

And for what I have been doing:
  • Another row of the Big Pink Blanket
  • Started crocheting a small handclutch
  • Pestering my husband to buy me more yarn
  • Transfering my sprouty goodnesses to individual recycled pots

Good day all!


Ivy said...

Hello Resmi
I stumbled across your blog while looking thru Lucy Attic24's comments. It was your name that attracted me. So happy to see another keralite who's interested in crochet and crafting.
I'm Priya. From Kollam, Kerala. My hubby Ajith's from Alappuzha. Now we live and work(IT) in UK.
LOVE your pink bed spread that you are doing.
I've added your blog to my list of blogs to check first thing in the morning :)
Ok then keep up the wonderful crafting.
Take care
Priya Ajith

Resmi... said...

@ Ivy:

Hi Priya,

I am very much delighted to read your comment. I am from Kayamkulam and my husband is from Kollam! Who knows whether we have houses close by! ;-) I would love to contact you via email. But found no mail id in your profile. Hey and I read your blog ( I am still a bit confused whether it's urs or your son's ;-)). Loved your thoughts.

Catch you soon!