Wednesday, May 5, 2010


No I am not saying about braiding my hair. I rarely do it after my last haircut. What I am speaking about is something completely new to me. Last day I tried making the braided bread from Dana's blog. This was my first try at bread making and it turned out well. But I did a mistake of not keeping the dough to rise for enough time.

I was too eager to bake it and see the result. Had I waited an hour more, the bread would have been softer. Something what I enjoyed to the core was the braiding part. It is addictive to me and I wanted to keep doing it for some more time. But ran out of dough.

I didn't even wait for it to cool down. Started munching on it right away. I have a slightly burnt tongue now ;-) I will definitely make this again and give it lots of time to rise.

Thanks Dana!


dana said...

Oh, it looks delicious! Thank you for sharing with me and for stopping by MADE. You'll have to try some of the sewing projects! :)
Have a great Thursday
- dana

Resmi... said...

@ Dana: Thanks for your recipe. Yeah I definitely will start with the sewing projects soon. Keep inspiring me! :-)