Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eva Shawl-Shrug

Finished off with the Eva Shawl pattern I was working on. Made it into a cute shrug for my lil angel.

I could not get a better pic, thanks to her being wiggly and active always! I tried to get a decent picture and finally had to be content with the ones I got.

Pattern: Eva Shawl Pattern
Yarn: Nako Comfort Stretch
Hook: 5.5 mm
Edging: Shell Stitch

I made the pattern to a size that would fit my daughter. And then folded the ends down and sewed it together to create arm holes. Weaved in the tails and that's it. A cute shrug for my lil one.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I have been browsing the web for a lacy crochet pattern for a project on my mind. I really never thought anything that suitable until I chanced upon the Eva Shawl pattern. I didn't have to waste any moment thinking. I just knew that was what I was searching for.

Started it off and it is on my hook now.

It has reached the required dimensions. Just some finishing stitches and weaving in the threads remaining. 

Finished item in my next post! Bye.