Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eva Shawl-Shrug

Finished off with the Eva Shawl pattern I was working on. Made it into a cute shrug for my lil angel.

I could not get a better pic, thanks to her being wiggly and active always! I tried to get a decent picture and finally had to be content with the ones I got.

Pattern: Eva Shawl Pattern
Yarn: Nako Comfort Stretch
Hook: 5.5 mm
Edging: Shell Stitch

I made the pattern to a size that would fit my daughter. And then folded the ends down and sewed it together to create arm holes. Weaved in the tails and that's it. A cute shrug for my lil one.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I have been browsing the web for a lacy crochet pattern for a project on my mind. I really never thought anything that suitable until I chanced upon the Eva Shawl pattern. I didn't have to waste any moment thinking. I just knew that was what I was searching for.

Started it off and it is on my hook now.

It has reached the required dimensions. Just some finishing stitches and weaving in the threads remaining. 

Finished item in my next post! Bye.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I tried yet another new project - a Sunhat for my cutie pie.

I saw some stitched versions of it on Pinterest and thought I should have one for my lil one (though she pulls it off). I did find some patterns, but did not find anything with the dimensions I wanted. So I figured out the math and finally made one.

Here it is.

I wanted to take few pics with my lil model wearing it. But unfortunately, she can't stay still for pics. I'll have t take some time out to do a proper photoshoot.

Now, coming to the yarn - it is Nako Comfort Stretch. Thanks to Ninu without whom I wouldn't have found it. It can be ordered from the Pony Craft Store. The yarn is really soft and as the name suggests, it really does stretch. And exactly is the reason I chose it for this project. 

Now the rosette. I enjoyed making the rosette a lot. It was super quick and addictive. Especially, when it comes to Shell stitches, I just love it. 

I am now have a Crocheter's block.... Thinking, thinking, thinking, what to make next!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Angel Wings

Since I started crochet, I have always wanted to make a dress or something of that sort. Making one for me means too much of yarn and time. And I may not wear it too. Luckily I have my cute lil angel now for that.

I came across this pattern and instantly wanted one for my angel. I crocheted for a few days and here is the result.



I was uncertain about the end result. Many a times, I thought I should stop it half way and roll back all those yarn. But still the urge to create one kept me going. 

Unlike the pattern, it is not a pinafore. It is a dress with two buttons at the back.

I modified the pattern heavily. Increased the number of stitches, rows, changed the style from pinafore to dress, and made it look like a bubble dress with a shell edging.

Here's a sneak peak into the inside of the dress. 

Excuse the poor quality pics. I did not have much time as somebody lil was tagging and pulling at my legs to be lifted up. Only while I was transferring the images did I realize that I had put it in the wrong setting. And no time for pics again now. 

One more pic of this dress... I am so much in love with it. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Baby Booties

After my baby's birth, I never really had time for any good craft. I had made few shawls before the delivery, which she snuggles in at night. All I could make for her after that were booties. I had never tried booties before. But when we started taking my baby out and she needed something for her soft feet, I started hunting patterns for booties. I came across the Posh Crochet Baby Booties video by CrochetHooksYou and have made 4 booties for her since then.

I doesn't take much and gives instant satisfaction. I don't have pictures of the earlier 3 and now her feet has outgrown those. I made some tweekings to the sole and the overall design and created a new pair for her bigger (cuter :-)) feet. Time for some pictures.

Nothing fancy. Just to keep her feet protected. She has now completed 9 months and is often out of the house in the yarn either crawling or on her walker. Could not get a decent picture of her wearing the booties. She does not like being stationary now :-)

I put on the buttons so that I can pull them tight when the stitches get stretched. Overall she is happy in the booties and so am I :-)

Yarn: Vardhaman Millenium
Skill: Easy
Hook: 4mm

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Role

I have been away for a long while now. Reason - I have become a mom now. You can read more about my experience here.

Well, being a working mom means that I have no time for crafts. But how can I control my hands that itch to craft. I have resorted to sewing more now. It saves a lot of time and the results are quick. Crochet is off my list for some time now. I have already sewn a teeny tiny dress for my lil one. A simple single piece outfit for casual wear. Now she has almost outgrown it. My WIP project is a small tank top for her from an old top of mine. And also a small butterfly mobile as she loves to look at colorful objects.

See you later!:-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I have a boring set of yarns with me... Don't know how to make them look interesting.

Started with some grannies.

Let's see how they turn out!