Friday, November 22, 2013

Angel Wings

Since I started crochet, I have always wanted to make a dress or something of that sort. Making one for me means too much of yarn and time. And I may not wear it too. Luckily I have my cute lil angel now for that.

I came across this pattern and instantly wanted one for my angel. I crocheted for a few days and here is the result.



I was uncertain about the end result. Many a times, I thought I should stop it half way and roll back all those yarn. But still the urge to create one kept me going. 

Unlike the pattern, it is not a pinafore. It is a dress with two buttons at the back.

I modified the pattern heavily. Increased the number of stitches, rows, changed the style from pinafore to dress, and made it look like a bubble dress with a shell edging.

Here's a sneak peak into the inside of the dress. 

Excuse the poor quality pics. I did not have much time as somebody lil was tagging and pulling at my legs to be lifted up. Only while I was transferring the images did I realize that I had put it in the wrong setting. And no time for pics again now. 

One more pic of this dress... I am so much in love with it. 

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