Thursday, June 7, 2012

Floral Season

I recently am in love with pretty cute crochet flowers. I started making lots and lots of them and am using a mine own modified version of the Mollie flower tutorial. It is addictive. I have been using all my scrap yarn and making cute flowers in the past few days. 

I started making these tiny flowers as I didn't want to start on anything new and big for sometime as I have some important things to be taken care on the home front. And oh yes, my friend bought 2 bags full of yarn when he went visiting somewhere in North India. The colors are pretty and the yarn is soft. I really want to just start off with them. But I am giving myself some time now. I am awfully sad that I cannot start on new projects now, but almost everyday I take out all my yarn, spread them out neatly on the bed, admire the beauty, have some sweet cuddling time and pack it back all neatly and carefully. Phew, it is so tempting.

Okay, back to my crochet flowers. Time for some pictures now.


Ninu said...

just a look of them made me smile.. they are so cute!

Gabriela Z said...


Isa said...

Maravillosas! me has alegrado el dia con estos colores