Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Unusable to Usable

Few weeks back I did a little bit of experimenting on jewellery making. Not 'making' to be exact, but I'll say 'modification'. I am not a too much accessories person. Though I love accessories, I am too lazy to change them often. So I stick to my usual regular ones often. But I have a few silver ones with me which I have not been using due to some practical difficulties. So I tried out making some changes to them to make them wearable for me.

First I took this anklet. This was a gift. I have never worn it for the past 2 years. And so I understood that I never would probably.

But I loved the black and silver beads on it. 

So I split it.

Made a small ring from a silver wire.

Added a small pendant which had been with me for almost 3 years now. 

And joined to make it a new necklace for me. 

The best part was that the length is accurate and I didn't have to make any changes to it.  

Next item, was another butterfly necklace. 

I love the butterflies on it.

But both the chain are in different lengths and are not too long either. So when wearing it, it keeps turning and twitching, which I was not comfortable with. And this had been in my box for the whole of last year. I decided to break it's curse.

Took out the butterflies from the chains.

Made the chains to equal lengths.

Added one butterfly to both the chains. And voila! A wearable new necklace for me.

I have kept the other butterfly apart. It may become useful sometime in future for some other project. :-)

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