Monday, June 28, 2010

Something lovely again!

I worked up something over the weekend. And I'm almost totally in love with it.

Remember this combination? I had used it to make my cellphone pouch and key chain flower here.

Still wondering what it is? It's a lovely scarf!

I pestered hubby until he agreed to 'model' for the shoot ;-) You see, it's really nice when you have somebody to come in front of the camera when you hate the job!

I love the texture, stretchiness, and colours of the scarf. I have actually been fondling it ever since it's done. This is perhaps my one project which turned out exactly as I wanted it. I love the stitches and it's look again and again and AGAIN!!!


Trish said...

Looks great!!

Resmi... said...

Thanks Trish for the comment and visiting :-)