Friday, June 4, 2010

Rains and Ripples

I was away from my crafty world for a few days. I had been to my native to attend a family function. Spend 3 days with my in-laws and 3 hours with my parents. You see the difference! This is how it is after marriage :-) But I enjoy my time being with them as well. My mom-in-law is a good cook. So now you know what I do when I am there ;-)

I did carry my crochet pending projects along when I went. But I must tell you that I didn't time even to take it out of my bag. So I took a break from crochet! And are you wondering what I did there? Nothing but enjoy the rains!!!
[Edited to add: Hubby took this pic and I loved it. With his permission I posted it here. But forgot to mention it dear!!!]

Now that I have reached back, I have started with something new - A Ripple. Its been raining heavily in Bangalore over the past few days and I find that rippling is the best way to enjoy the rains! More about the project later.

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