Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A treat to self!

Guess what I treated myself to today - lots of free time alone in the comfort zone of my home.

I did a couple of this and that. Roaming in the house here and there. Strictly no tv and browsing - this distracts me and eats up my whole time. A bit of leftover work. And finally enjoyining the rest of the evening. Did it all mean the same? Yeah, I actually was completely relaxed and enjoying the day in bits and pieces. Lunch with hubby. Coffee and some hooking up alone. Oh, loved the sunshine too.

Its been a couple of days since the sun actually shone in this part of Bangalore. It used to be wet and dull all the day. I really hate going to office on those days. I love being at home when the weather is cold and gloomy. But can't help it. My laundered clothes stink and may need one more round of washing :-( And my plants craved for some sunlight.

Hmm... Finally the sun shone today - in all its glory. Actually while walking to office I hoped the sun to hide behind the clouds for some time. But yay, I loved it.


My green lovelies loved the warmth and light.

I loved this small patch on the opposite wall...

... and the small cloudy designs.

Love the light falling on these leaves and trees.

Through the camera lens I spotted this pink and off-white balcony grill and think that its really cool.

And from where I sit now, it looks like this.

Love this view as well.

So I am treating myself to a cup of cold coffee in my fav mug, doing some more rounds of my Big Granny Square, and loving my new yarn balls.

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