Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Basic Crochet - Chains

There are many veteran 'crocheters' out there in the blogland who provide easy and quickly graspable demos on how to crochet. I am also planning to list out on my blog on how to do the basics of crochet, what I know. This is just to help anybody out there trying to start with crochet and also for me to refer at times. Will you believe if I said that I forgot how to crochet a granny square? Yes, I actually did. Last week, I had to give it a few tries until I got it right. That is when this idea of jotting down the basics struck.

So today we see how to do the basic chain stitches.

Step1: Make a slip knot and slide your hook in.

If you are not sure of how to make a slip knot, see the steps here.

Slip knots are used not only in crochet, but also in knitting and in our daily lives for tying up things as well. Learn it :-)

Step2: Yarn over the hook, and pull it through the loop.

You get the first chain.

Step3: Keep repeating step 2 until you reach the required number of chains.

There, you have a lot of chains to build your crochet on.

Happy Hooking! :-)


BabyFeet said...

Good plan! It's amazing how we can forget how to do the most basic thing if we don't touch it for a while, no matter how long we've been at the craft, huh?

Great pictures too btw; nice and clear, and easy to follow.

Resmi... said...

@ BabyFeet: Thanks for visiting! :-)
Yeah it's pretty amazing that we forget the very basic things. I was actually shocked and had to take some time out to remember and work it out again.