Thursday, July 29, 2010

Literally Nothing

Yes, I am literally working on none of the crochet works now. Wondering why? Because we are shifting again :-( It is tedious. Everyday I stuff up things into small boxes and bags, keep adding items to list and keep crossing them out. We are shifting from the current house on Saturday. So there is just a day left and lot of things left to do. So I have no time for anything interesting than packing up.

Yesterday I took a small cardboard box and stuffed up all my crochet yarn, unfinished projects, and everything into it. Waiting eagerly to get settled at the new house and start all over again. I even dream of having a craft room for self :-) In the current house though we had a spare room, I never got the time to set up one. Let's see if I ll be successful at the new house.

So you may not see any of my crafty posts until I get settled and get time to take photographs. I really don't like any of the crafty posts without photos in it. But I ll definitely try to keep you posted if I am able to do something.

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