Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If you remember, in this post, I mentioned about planting french marigold seeds, shallots, and more. This was my first try at gardening. I was extremely delighted when they sprouted and pushed open the green lovely, tiny leaves. I used to spend a lot of time admiring their beauty. My efforts did show results. My tomatoes bore fruits, shallots sprouted out into longs tender leaves and the marigolds opened in full bloom. Perfect!

See the tomatoes first.

I was thrilled when I saw this tiniest bud on the plant one early morning. I could hardly contain myself. Started clicking!
I kept checking every now and then as the buds grew.
Then one day I noticed that the bud sepals were separating and I could see yellow from beneath.
The flower started to take shape.
And it was in full bloom. LOVELY!
Not long after that, the lovely flowers crumpled up and tiny green tomatoes began to appear everywhere.
They grew.
And grew bit more than this.
Oh! I totally forgot about my marigolds.
They had buds all over.
Slowly the bright golden or orange lovelies bloomed.

A particularly beautiful lady looked like this.
They were all cheerful and happy. I was super happy.

But then something happened. We shifted our house.
And as I mentioned here, we are now staying at hubby's cousin's place. So do you think I took along my lovely plants? NO. I was forced to leave them back there :-( My heart broke. I was too much obsessed with my plants. I really don't know if they are still alive. The new tenants would have somehow got rid of them. But, deep in my heart, I hope very badly that they are still alive and are being taken care of.

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