Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I tried yet another new project - a Sunhat for my cutie pie.

I saw some stitched versions of it on Pinterest and thought I should have one for my lil one (though she pulls it off). I did find some patterns, but did not find anything with the dimensions I wanted. So I figured out the math and finally made one.

Here it is.

I wanted to take few pics with my lil model wearing it. But unfortunately, she can't stay still for pics. I'll have t take some time out to do a proper photoshoot.

Now, coming to the yarn - it is Nako Comfort Stretch. Thanks to Ninu without whom I wouldn't have found it. It can be ordered from the Pony Craft Store. The yarn is really soft and as the name suggests, it really does stretch. And exactly is the reason I chose it for this project. 

Now the rosette. I enjoyed making the rosette a lot. It was super quick and addictive. Especially, when it comes to Shell stitches, I just love it. 

I am now have a Crocheter's block.... Thinking, thinking, thinking, what to make next!

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