Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Repurposing - Pair of gloves from old T-shirt

I have been thinking from a long time to buy a pair of gloves. Reason is that I drive my two wheeler to office and it is too hot in the mornings. I have started getting tans on my fingers. Though I am not a too fair person, it is easy to make out the tan now. Funny part is that I wear a jacket and so only the fingers look too dark. Earlier I did make an attempt at crocheting a pair of gloves. I worked on my own pattern and it did turn out fine. But the unfortunate part was that it got worn out too soon due to holding the brakes, accelerating, and more rough use. So for my use, cloth gloves was the best I understood. And luckily I got this idea - make use of the long sleeves of my t-shirt. I chose one of the t-shirts which I loved due to its stretchy comfortable fabric.

It was quite and easy project. Don't believe me? Let's see how to do it.

1. Pull out an old t-shirt.

2. Trace your palm outline onto the innerside of the sleeve.

3. Cut the sleeves in the required length and along the outline.

4. Now sew along the outline with inside out. I handstitched it and used blanket stitch for the edges and backstitch for the firm hold of the fabric together.

5. Now turn the glove out correctly and try it on. If you find that the wrist portion is loose fitting, you can sew a small elastic strip or create a button hole and sew a button on it. I used a press-button as that was what I had handy and was easy to finish off the project.

If you want you can embellish it with flowers, fancy buttons, ribbons, and laces. I left mine plain.

We have to do a lot of sunny business together now.

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RajiSaj said...

Wonderful Resmi...

i ll try this for sure..