Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blanket Progress

I don't remember when I actually started working on the blanket. What as a shawl is now becoming a blanket. So this means that lot of time and yarn more than what was actually expected should go in. Just take a look at the growth of this blanket.

It can now be spread on a double cot bed. Please ignore my messy bed. Shall I call it my craft station rather than describing it as messy? ;-)

I have used four different shades of pink yarn now.
The stitch used is a modified version of Shell stitch. In the same stitch space, I stitched three trebles, then two chains and again three trebles. This will give a pointed appearance instead of the rounded top.

I love seeing this BPB and what I love the most is snuggling against it.

So I am off to start with the next row of baby pink.

Hope you all enjoy your evening!

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