Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Till Date

I have done a few projects till date. Thought I'll show those to you today.

This is my new mobile pouch. I love that mix of blue and dark pink. I had to use the light pink one in contrast to the dark ones as I ran out of blue. But I guess it looks nice. Don't you feel so? :-) And that golden button. It is actually one from an old dress of mine. It had come off and was waiting in my craft box from a long time.
This is a table cloth sort of thing. I have used
Granny Square pattern for this and gave an edging. This is the unfinished version. I have added a few more rounds to it. And now it is on our old Griller making it a bit more beautiful.

And this is the latest thing I am working on. I started it as I wanted to make a crochet flower from so long. And once I made one, I couldn't stop. It becomes superfast. You can see the progress. Now actually I am confused what to make of it - a neck scarf, room decorator, or a dress embellishment. Pour in your suggestions as well :-)

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