Friday, July 31, 2009

Block It!

Hi All... :)

Most of you would be familiar with the art of blocking your granny squares. Well, I came to know about it very recently. Initially I was a bit sceptical about the success of the process. But I can tell you, it was indeed worth the try.

Would you like to see my attempt at blocking my Granny Square? Well, here it is...

I had some leftover yarn which I couldn't use for a whole new project. I was wondering what to do with it when I thought of a mix and match sort of cloth piece for the kitchen and I started with it.

I won't call it a Granny Square, but probably a Granny Rectangle :-D Seeing those curled up edges I felt sad. Finally what I had read about Blocking dawned upon me. I thought of giving it a try. I used a big cardboard, a big piece of thick cloth, board pins, tepid water, and a sprayer from the kitchen.
After 8 - 10 hours, it looked like this:

Not the complete intended effect, but a big difference right? I was pretty pleased with the curls disappearing. And I happily carried on with my project. Added more left over colours to it.
And more to it....

And finally, it looks like this now!
I received a suggestion from a few - it should have been more colourful!
Next time... sure :-)

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