Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trying out something New

For the past so many months or probably years, I have been doing the same granny squares, rounds, and shell edgings. Maybe something different I tried was the Ripple blanket. When I did my yarn shopping few weeks back, I bought some really dull colors and had no clue what to do of it. I used a little bit of it for my Flower coasters. I rolled out the rest and kept thinking and thinking and thinking. I did not want to do a granny square again. Finally it dawned on me. I remembered having seen the Larksfoot stitch is some blogs long time back. I really don't remember where I saw it but remember that it had shades of red, pink, and cream.

I thought I will try out the Larksfoot stitch. I worked on the pattern and didn't get it initially. I kept drawing and drawing. I used some leftover yarn also and tried the pattern. After some tries and drawing, I finally got it right. I know, I could have just browsed it online. But wanted to try it totally from my side.And once I had the pattern set, I started stitching.

This picture was taken two weeks back. Now I have pretty well progressed on it. Don't know when I will complete it as I find really no time these days for craft :-(

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