Thursday, March 29, 2012

Again something Floral

I am having busy weeks now, owing to work and household chores. In between I managed to sneak in a few stitches here and there. And the results are …..

Yes, floral coasters.

And no, I didn’t stop at making two.

I made whole two sets of four each. So eight all together.

I don’t have a written pattern. Just worked it out. Will share the pattern if I ever write or draw it J


Isa said...

Hola Resmi!! pués el resultado me gusta mucho, son preciosas!!,a veces nos falta tiémpo para relajarnos un poquito con nuestras agujas verdad? bueno pero siempre hay un momento aunque sea solo para dar unas vueltas a la labor que tengas comenzada o hacer muestras o flores...como estas tan bonitas que nos has mostrado.
un abrazo guapa!

Resmi... said...

Hello Isa, Thanks for your lovely comment :-) Glad that you liked it

yarn_lady said...

Beautiful Resmi!


Resmi... said...

@ Yarn Lady: Thanks Vimala :-)