Monday, March 12, 2012

Grassy-Lush Tablemat

Recently I came across this. Ever since I wanted to make something similar. Though there are instructions on how to make it, I headed over to the PlanetJune blog where I had seen this tutorial earlier. I had some green yarn left over from my Mini Green Blanket. When I started off I was not sure of the project. After some retries, I nailed it! And then there was no turning back!
It was super-easy and didn't take much time. I was able to complete it within a few hours. After all the loops were done, I cut through the loops and I loved every moment of it.

I love the lushness and softness.

The back is just some normal dc rows. I made this one variation from June's tutorial - June used SC stitches to turn over, I used DC stitches.

So I will be making more of these and in bigger sizes.


Miss Holly said...

This is so wonderful! It makes me want to go and work in the garden!! I just want to say a big Thank you to you for including me in your award pass on!! I was really touched...and have not satdown as yet and figured out where to pass it next but I so appreciate you thinking of me!!
I love reading your posts and have been away so I have a few back posts to catch up is warm today as spring is on it's way so I feel the garden calling me! I think you understand that feeling as you are a gardener yourself!!!!
Happy day to you!!

Resmi... said...

@ Miss Holly: Thanks for the lovely comment! And you deserved the award. Though I discovered your blog very late, I have to admit that nowadays I visit as soon as you make an update there.

Here, in Bangalore, it is very hot now and I just hope that it starts raining. Enjoy!

yarn_lady said...

Nice plush rug Resmi! Makes me want to crochet one too!

Resmi... said...

@ Yarn Lady: Thanks for the lovely comment Vimala. Even I was so happy with the outcome. And owing to how easy the project was I am planning to make one more. I have even brought a multi-shaded yarn for this :-D