Monday, March 12, 2012

More Paper Circles

After the Paper Mobile Project, I wanted more of it. So I gathered all the empty milk covers I had been collected over the past few weeks, traced out circles, and began cutting and cutting and cutting. Almost an hour later I had piles of cutout paper circles. I rushed to the sewing machine with the circles and started sewing them together. And then after half an hour I had a looooong string of paper circles.

So what do I do now. I measure, cut, paste, and hang!


Yes, a paper circles curtain.

I was so thrilled throughout the project.

It is more than a week since I completed this project. But still my heart leaps with joy when the circle rotate in the wind.


Kavitha Shinde said...

Hey, i love those circles too.... :) I remembered something i had done a couple of years ago. I used beads, real shiny ones, and round glass. I had put it up on my window and every time the strings moved in the wind, the glittered and sparked. Yes, I am a "bling-bling" girl and i loved it.

Resmi... said...

@ Kavitha: Hey, even I did think of some beaded ones because we have a colorful beaded one back at my parent's place. And they make such a lovely clingy sound when they bang against each other. So I have one on my list. I hadn't thought about glass. Guess that would be real fun!