Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Organizing is something I love to do. But what makes me sad is that it doesn't stay organized for long! :-( With people like hubby and me, who throw around things, how can I expect my home to be on order. Well, but every other day I would be organizing something or the other.

Since marriage, hubby's socks were a problem. After the laundering, socks are always subjected to get lost, especially when I am a person who keeps on pushing the task of folding the clothes. So I started keeping the socks in a separate box soon after drying out the clothes. Things looked okay for a while.

But we needed further simplification. When almost all your socks pairs are of the similar colors, you usually end up wearing the wrong pairs :-) So I had to come up with a better idea of organizing. After many days of thinking, I finally figured it out.

A cardboard box with compartments in it. I had seen the pretty versions of these in malls earlier. So why not come up with a simpler one on a trial basis. Yes, I was on my heels in no time.

Found an empty box, cut out some cardboard pieces to act as the separators, and glued them in place. When done, it looked like this.

>And when I folded and put in the rightly paired socks into the compartments, they looked like this. Neat!

Well, it was so easy and quick. I intend to do a bigger, better, and neater version of this soon. Will keep you posted.

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