Thursday, March 15, 2012

Red and Blue

Recently I did some yarn shopping. I was not too happy with the colors though. I did not get many colors I had in mind. Still I did buy a bag full of yarn ;-)

Yesterday I took out the red and navy blue out of the lot and started making circles.

Ended them off with a shell edging.

Made a loop to it.

And here is what one looks like.

The other one is like this.

Place a small bowl on it and it looks cute.

The more you add, the cuter they look.

And yes, use them everyday (you can see it on the mug in the picture) :-)

Actually the writing on the mug reads as "Wish it was Sunday everyday." I always hope it was true! The mug was a gift from my Secret Angel in office an year back.

Making these coaster were addictive and super easy. What I particularly enjoyed was the Shell Edging. Add there was very little weaving in the loose ends involved or to be more precise I just had 2 loose ends to weave in. I used the weaving-in technique I blogged about earlier while I stitched. It did save me a couple of minutes and unnecessary yarn snipping.


Miss Holly said... edging makes everything look wonderful...just seeing these makes me want to pick up a hook!!
We were away last week and I picked up a cold ( probably on the plane.... :( ....). So I am behind on posts and I have soooooo much I want to do!! Sewing ...embroidery.. Crochet...and here I least I can catch up on all the wonderful people I follow!!
We are warm here ..very early...but today it is like our usual spring....cold and raw...a frosty wind is blowing off the ocean. Brrrrr.. I have a warm kitty nursing me!!
I just have to say how utterly wonderful it is to be able to make friends around the world...truly...I sometimes think this will be the salvation of the world....just getting to know each other in such a grand way!!!
Happy Day to you!!

Resmi... said...

Hello Holly, Hope you get well soon and do something amazing with the hook and yarn as you always do :-) Here, it was a lot hotter all through this month and I was earnestly hoping it to rain. And yesterday it did rain! Though it lasted only for an hour or so, it was a heavy downpour and completely cooled down the house and surroundings.
What you said is true. It is just great to know ppl almost on the opposite side of the globe and keep in touch with them :-)

Isa said...

OH!! que bonito!, colores preciosos y el borde me encanta, me dan ganas de hacerme de todos los colores!
un abrazo!

Resmi... said...

Hello Isa, Thanks for the lovely comment. I was actually a bit sceptical about the colors initially. But as I progressed, I loved it :-) Thanks for visiting.