Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I was travelling the whole of last week and was too busy. I literally had to take a break from all my crafty activities. I kept yearning to reach out to my hook and yarn. But yes, I did enjoy the break with my family. Now I am back in Bangalore, but there is a lot to catch upon. At the work front, lot of priority works to be completed, and at the home front, a week's laundry tops the list. My plants have grown and have started yielding, which means I have to give some time to them as well. 

So, my point is, hooking and crafting is gonna have to wait for some time. But I'll be back soon! :-) I do have some things that I had done before leaving. Photographing them is the left out step. Nowadays it gets dark by the time I reach home. So I am looking forward to the weekend to photograph them in natural ample of light.

See you soon! :-)

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