Monday, February 6, 2012

Update - Mini blanket

I have been crocheting all through the weekend and completed the rest of the granny squares, joined the squares (I love this part a lot), and even started on the edging part. Within a day or two, hopefully, I will be able to show you the finished mini green blanket.

Edging was a difficult part to decide on. I wanted to try something really new, which I hadn't tried till now. But later on stuck with the conventional edging that I do owing to the blanket colours being not too flashy or vibrant. I just look forward to lay my hands on the blanket and finish it off. I still have a few threads to weave in.

During this projects I learnt a few techniques which makes blocking granny squares not that necessary and reducing the time you spent on weaving in the loose ends. I plan to write up a post on the techniques soon. So wait a bit.

See you all soon with my finished mini blanket.

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