Monday, January 30, 2012

All those piled up squares!

I had a pretty long weekend - 4 days! Thursday was a holiday owing to the Republic Day. Friday I called in a sick leave and then the weekend. Out of the four days, we were out only on the Thursday and was pretty drained out after coming back. So we stayed indoors for the rest three days. And I was able to actually progress a lot on my crochet project. Initially I decided on working on the Big Pink Blanket, but found it rather too montonous owing to it not being too colourful. So I just digged out my incomplete crochet projects and came across these.

These are some granny squares I had worked on few months back intending to make a mini blanket. And then I ran out of yarn and had stopped it. Now that my stock was kind of refilled, I took it out and started weaving in the threads.

Then I laid them out on the floor trying patterns.

And finally made up my mind on this simple pattern.

Later I picked up each block and started joining them.

Now its is almost half way done. I still have to crochet a few more granny squares, weave in the threads, join them together, decide on an edging pattern and finally edge it off! Phew... seems like a lot of work.

And if at all you are wondering where you have seen that color combination before, it is here.


Kavitha Shinde said...

Great.....would love to see how it looks finally... :)

Resmi... said...

@ Kavitha: Thanks Kavitha! Planning to complete it sooon :-)