Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Something Floral

Ever since I started browsing through the creative blogs online, I have been fascinated by the pin cushions. I love the creativity and amount of detail people put into it. I started realizing the need of a pin cushion when I started blocking out my crochet stuff. Then finally when I started stitching, I found it very difficult to proceed without one. And that is how my first ever pin cushion was created.

Remember these flowers?

These are from my flower hanging project. After the project, two of these flowers were left over. And like the other flowers for the project I had stuffed it up with cotton and had the puffy look.

And then it occurred to me - why not use it as a pin cushion. And from that moment onwards, it is full of pins :-)

What I love the most of this crochet pin cushion is that how much ever pin pricks it makes, it doesn't leave any marks on it. The cloth pin cushions get a worn out look after using it for some time.


Amy said...

very pretty flowers

Resmi... said...

@ Amy: Thanks Amy :-)