Monday, February 13, 2012

Mini Green Blanket

I finally finished working on the mini green blanket. I am extremely thrilled with how it turned out. I had very few threads to weave in and the granny squares turned out perfectly this time. They are the best grannies I have made till date. Joining together the squares were also a lot fun. I would pick up the granny squares, huddle in front of the television and start joining. This is fun as it doesn't require much attention and you get the feeling that you are almost nearing the end of your project.

The mini green blanket was a quick project as most of the grannies were already ready when I started on the project recently.

As I mentioned earlier, I went on for a the usual edging - simple double crochets. I made three rounds of the edges (the pic shows only 2) and didn't take the final pics though.

Well, let's see the final mini green blanket!


Fruitful Fusion said...

Oh this blanket is so gorgeous! I love that green gingham!

Resmi... said...

@ Fruitful Fusion: Hey thanks for visiting :-) Glad you liked it

Isa said...

Te ha quedado Preciosa!! y los verdes me encantan Felicidades!
un abrazo

Resmi... said...

@ Isa: Hello Isa, I am too glad that Google Translate is available. Else I wouldn't have understood your lovely comment :-) Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment. :-)

Sangeetha said...

Just love,love, this blanket!!