Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Circles and circles

I have been doing some paper crafts lately. Reason - its easy and you get to see the end result quickly.

I wanted to replace my butterfly mobile with something new. I had some colorful brochures (from our home hunting last year) lying around. I picked those up and started cutting out circles in two sizes. For tracing the circle I chose a glass and a lid, in different sizes. I was so busy in the tracing and cutting that I forgot to take in-progress pictures.

Finally when all the circles were cut out, I laid the smaller ones on top of the bigger circles. Also tried to make them look as contrasting as possible. Once the pattern was set, I put my dear sewing machine to use - sewed all of them together.

And finally hung it on an empty wall near the kitchen.

What I love about this mobile is that when we switch on the fan in our living room, the circles start to twist and turn showing the colors.

I completed the project on Sunday evening and could not wait till the weekend to capture pictures of it at day time. So I clicked the pictures in the dim light itself.

I actually wanted to give the title to this post as 'New Paper Mobile' but then thought people might start thinking of it as a new mobile technology or gadget.


Miss Holly said...

Hello Resmi from Seaview Cottage...THANKYOU so much for stopping by my site...I love to hear from new people...I just love your sites and have been reading them this morning....the green crochet is wonderful!! I also love gardening like you..we are just about to start our gardening season here...in fact I have one crocus blooming today!!! Very early for us but it is my dear mothers birthday and she was the one who taught me!! I really look forward to following you and learning from you!! Happy day to you....

Resmi... said...

@ Miss Holly: Hi Holly... Thanks for visiting and reading through my posts. It was actually nice to read your comment and yes even I would follow you for all the lovely things and pics you put up on your blog. Looking forward to talking more with you :-)

Kavitha Shinde said...

Hey girl....you got some great talent there..keep it up... :)

Kavitha Shinde said...

Hey Reshmi, awesome work..love the pics..it looks great :) Keep it up.. :D

RajiSaj said...

Lovely :-)
just vist my blog an award is waiting u there http://threadwithme.blogspot.in/


How nice and original!

Resmi... said...

@ Kavitha: Thanks Kavitha :-)
@ RajiSaj: Thanks for the award Raji.
@ RajiMuthukrishnan: Thanks for the lovely comment :-)