Monday, March 15, 2010

Sewing & Crocheting

I know, I have not been posting anything recently. That is just because I am not doing anything seriously for some time now :-) But as I mentioned in my previous post, I do have some WIP projects. And may be more than what I listed there. So you wanna know what all I have been doing?

Well, now I intend to tell you what each of these cluttered things or rather projects are. Hope I am not boring you!

This pile of yarn was presented to me by someone :-) I have already used up more than half of what I got. So its really less number of bundles in this picture. Guessing who gifted me this? None other than my husband :-) And you know what, he gave me these on the day of our marriage, after I reached his home. I was feeling all jitters and nervous being in the company of all unknown people and at a new place. Thats when he took me to our room and showed me a draw full of lovely, colourful yarn. I was so thrilled and happy! :-) That's my yarn story.

Now want to know what I used most of this yarn for? Well, its for this.

In my previous post, I did mention about a chair makeover. It is rather a stool makeover. I didn't take a picture of the stool but can tell you that it is in a pretty bad state. It is a sleek stool, an adorable red one. But recently the seat cover was spoiled. So I am working on this crocheted cover for this little stool.
See this now!

We went shopping last week and I bought this fabric. Wondering for what? Well, when we shifted to the new place we bought a small dining set. But the seat cover of the chairs get dusty soon as the fabric is sort of felt type. So I am planning to upholster our seats with covers of this fabric.

What I want to show you next is this.

Bought this fabric also from Commercial Street. I intend to make a curtain for my kitchen window out of this. The fridge is just by the window and the morning sunlight falls directly onto it. This fabric is extremely soft and light. This will cut off the direct rays yet allow lots of light in the kitchen.

Next is a project which I started working on before my marriage. But somehow did not find enough time to complete it and it got postponed.

It is a purse. I don't like carrying my bag around everytime I go out but still need important things like my cellphone, money, and Identity cards. So I thought that a small purse is a good idea. For this I am using the yarn leftover from my bag project. Does it seem very monotonous with that single color? Well, I intend to embellish it with something. Let me see what I can come up with.

And now stars!

This is another old project on hold. I want to make may be a table cloth or stole out of this. But keeping it aside for the time being.

And the last one is a stitching project.

It is a stitch cloth with a design of the Caspian Sea on it. I have to follow the colours and outlines as in the stitch kit and complete it. Wanna see a closer view of the stitches? Here it is!

Hope you all enjoyed my showcasing! :-)

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