Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Bee!

I was a busy bee over the last weekend. I actually completed some projects over the last two days. Like to see them?

Does it ring any bells? If you remember, in one of my earlier posts, I mentioned about making a small itty bitty purse for myself. Well, here it is.

I have put in a small pouch to hold my cellphone. And in the main space I can stuff in some money, my cards, hairbands, clips, my lipbalm, and a small notepad. I actually took out all these things in my purse last Sunday when we went out. I felt sooo happy!

If you noticed, I have used two types of closures for this purse. One is a snap button and another one is a button and crochet fastener. I didn't intend to do it that way initially. But when I did it, I feel it looks great. Or am I being too obsessed with my creation? ;-)

Well, the button closes perfectly and doesn't let any of my cards or money slip out. The button and fastener keeps my cellphone in place and is easy to take out the phone quickly. You see, CONVENIENCE.

The button is from a jacket of mine. I just loved it when I put the button against the yarn. The flower embellishment took me just five minutes to make. And I really love it when the fastener is left open. It looks like the leaf of the flower. Don't believe? Scroll up and see again.

Let's move on!
Remember this fabric? Yes, I wanted to do a chair makeover with it. Our chairs looked like this or rather the seat cover was this.

Pretty huh? It was indeed but always looked dusty :-( So I have transformed it like this now.

Seems good? One more pic because I am totally in love with the makeover.

I really enjoyed this makeover. One time consuming part about this makeover was the sewing. Actually I don't have a gunstaple. So I had to sew in all sides of the fabric to the existing cover. Luckily my Mom's old thimble helped me a lot in the process. I have changed the table cloth also to the matching fabric and put on a transparent plastic table coat.

There is one more thing I want to show you. My new kitchen window curtain!
I loved the fabric the moment I saw it. When touched, it felt even better. It is kind of see-through fabric. So it does let the light into my kitchen but still blocks of the direct rays falling on to the fridge.
It took me just an hour or so to make it. And yes, I hand stitched it. I was so happy with the result that I made one more for the entrance to the kitchen. Unfortunately I didn't photograph it. The second curtain is a bit more bigger. Measures something around 85" x 38".
Did you notice the money plants on either sides of the window? These have been with me from the past two years. The small one had stopped growing. But now its showing signs of greens again :-) My brother asked me to throw it away when we were shifting. But I was so attached to these small lovelies. Now they are along with me here also :-)
Planning what to do next over this weekend. Happy weekend all! :-)

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