Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tired fingers!!!

My fingers have been idle for a while. Know the reason? I have got married and was away from my normal life for a month. Now I am back to normal with a new person with me. I am glad that he does encourage me when I crochet or throw bits of cloth and wool here and there while being crafty. I am thankful for being given such a wonderful partner.

Coming back to my crafty world, I have lots of ideas and projects to be done for our new place of stay. I have actually started with a small project but unfortunately don't have the pictures. But here I share with you the biggest project (incomplete) till date.

I intended making a shawl for my mom. Like most women even she loves pink and I bought many skeins of this pink shiny wool.

I employed my fingers to work fast and give perfect stitches to keep my mom cozy during the winter. Only after crocheting a few rows did I realize that the length is very much more than that required for a shawl. But I was reluctant to undo the stitches. I kept doing on and on. And finally I made up my mind that this will become a comforter or bedspread for us. So I am still working at it. And as you see from the pictures the stitches are close. Similar to shell stitches with a triangled look, it is fluffy and heavy. Sometimes I wrap it and enjoy the warmth and delight of being in it. I am looking forward to completing it and spreading it out on our lovely bed!

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