Friday, December 4, 2009

Quick n Easy!!!

I made something quick and super easy. Wondering what it is? It's a mobile pouch again! Guess I am getting addicted to these cellphone pouches.

So if you want to know a bit more about this pouch - it is my own pattern, done in maroon and black with a great looking button, and felting inside. Now take a look at it.

I know its looking red in the photo, but in fact its maroon :-) My camera plays tricks at times ;-) It is rectangular in shape. I first made both the rectangles for the front and back. There are 14 treble (double crochet) stitches in a row each. Now see the side view.

You see that black side work? It is a row of trebles only. For the corners, I skipped two chains to get that bending effect. And I didn't do this row directly onto the rectangle. Instead I made the row first and sewed it into the sides of both the rectangles. This seemed a better idea than crocheting it into the rectangle. If I did so, the black thread would be seen irregularly spaced on the rectangles. Now time for the inside.. yey!

I couldn't get a better picture of it. But hope you can see the felting inside. This pouch was meant for a good rectangular phone and the felting was done so that the phone is well protected. I sewed the corners and edges of the felt from inside, so that it doesn't come off when the phone is pulled outside. So it remains inside intact in shape!

And the closer is a single strand of chain stitches. I sewed it onto the inside of the back rectangle and the felting was put over that so that the knots are not visible. See it.

And the button - its one from a favourite denim shirt of mine. I pulled out the collar button as I don't use it anymore. This button could not be sewn in. It has that pressed back. I just pushed it in through the trebles and stitched the two trebles closely together so that the button doesn't come off. The stitches are done beneath the button. Completely invisible ;-)

Take a look at it once more!

I just loved it. Was turning it over and over again with sheer delight. It was a pretty quick and easy project as I already mentioned. I only spent some time in finding a button for it. And I was finding it hard to resist the urge to put in a black satin ribbon through it. But I had to avoid it as it is a mens pouch. I couldn't make it girly :-( So does it seem manly? I guess a bit. And I am mentioning it once again - its maroon, not red :-)

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