Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crafty-Crochety People

There are a couple of people whose blogs I visit almost daily to view those lovely crochet and craft posts. I may not read everything but love gazing at those wonderful pics and adore the magic human fingers, a needle, and a string of yarn can do together.

Well, see to believe what I am talking about.

Attic24, Lucy does a wonderful and colourful work every day. Her blog and pics were what actually inspired me to get back to my crochet hooks. Her Granny Squares, Ripples, and circles are simply adorable. Check out her blog for a colourful journey.

Sarah is another colourful and neat crocheter. I love her creativity, colours, and superb neat stitches. Take a look at her Flickr photo album. The wool eater blanket, stars, and Hawaiian flowers are what I love the most.

The next creative person in the line is futuregirl (Alice). Her blog is my latest find and I am loving browsing through the posts. See this wonderful flower purse and Starling handbag. Wondering when I will become super speedy like Alice :-)

Rae does really good stuff with sewing right from buttercup bags to tops for all and even does crocheting.

Well, I adore these wonderful ladies and their creativity. I am indeed happy if this post has inspired someone. :-)


Attic24 said...

ooooooo if I say so myself, those pics do really provide a huge burst of colour don't they lol???!!!
Very happy indeed to be a Provider of Inspiration....wishing you Happy Hooking Resmi :o)

Resmi... said...

@ Attic24: Yes they do provide a lot of colours and inspiration. Thanks for visiting Lucy :-)