Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I had registered a few of my items with ItsHandMade. Recently I got an order to make a set of coffee mug coasters. I was actually thrilled. Reason - It was going to be my first proper sale. I got the requirements and started on the projects. 

It was actually easy and thrilling. The lady to receive the coasters wanted it in green and yellow. I had both the shades. So I made eight of these coasters. It took me just an evening. Remember the floral coasters I made some time back. 

I stacked them neatly.

Put them in a gift pouch I had.

Put it in a cardboard box with a note for the lady.

 And wrapped it with transparent paper and yarns matching the coasters.

It reached out to her safe and in good shape. And I was really happy when she messaged me saying she received it and liked the coasters. Well, that's it for now! :-)

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