Friday, April 15, 2016

Paper Garbage Liners

There is nothing too crafty about today's post. It is something I happened upon while browsing. 

I am not very fond of composting at home owing to the space constraints and my apprehensions about the process. 

We all have garbage bins and perhaps two or three nowadays, owing to the waste segregation to be done at source. The wet waste needs to go out daily and hence a garbage liner each day. I usually used to use the bags in which grocery came or buy the garbage bags. 

One particular day, when I became a little too environment conscious, I browsed online for garbage liner alternatives and learned that newspapers could be used. I had to try it out to see how effective it was. But I had to have an easy bag tutorial, which would take probably just a few minutes. And my search landed me here -

The page has clear instructions on how to create the bags. To circulate to our ladies in my apartment, I compiled all the pics into one. 

I just improvised a bit on it by stapling the two triangles being folded in (step 7). And I fold the bottom corners to give it a flat base.

Now coming to using it, it was tough initially. Somedays it would become soggy and I had to put in it plastic bags before taking it out of the house. Now gradually I have become used to the method. I would add one more sheet of newspaper, or add a folded sheet at the base. 

While disposing of the very wet waste, I try to wrap it in paper or trap it in the vegetable waste so that the water content does not touch the newspaper liner. 

Give it a try and it hardly takes 1 minute. Our little bit to the environment.

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Life within Life said...

That's a nice idea... Thanks for sharing Reshmi!