Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Brown Skirt

Last Friday, was color day at my daughter's day care. And the color decided was brown. Brown!! I was thinking - Really?? I thought there would be some brown dress stashed in her cupboard, which probably was not being worn and was long forgotten. On Thursday, I pulled out all the dresses, but could not find one that was brown. Hubby said let's buy one or let's just forget it was Brown Day. Even I felt forgetting was better. I tried to forget it the whole day, it just didn't leave my mind. But I didn't want to buy one either. 

Thinking thinking thinking, I thought I should make something. But my sewing skills are bad. I pulled out the few old brown clothes we had. I could not decide what to make - a brown top? shirt dress? or what. I knew attempting any of these would need enough time to complete, which I didn't have. And it may not end up neat. I was worrying more than required.

Soon I thought - I can make an easy peasy skirt! Yes, I finalized on it. That was the easiest I could make in this short time. I browsed for some really simple, yet cute patterns. Summary of most of the patterns were - cloth twice the waist size and some wide elastic. I had both handy and started off.

Cut out the bottom portion of a brown kurta of mine. I really loved this but had not worn it for the past few years. So the fabric was ready.

Measured out the elastic and kept it ready.

Took out my sewing machine and started stitching. 

It really didn't take me much time. It was cute but too plain. And it was sleep time. So I thought let it be plain. 

Friday morning, my heart again wished that I add some cuteness to it. Before getting ready for office, I quickly pulled out my ribbons, decided on a very soft pink wide satin one, and stitched it to the skirt.

Let me show you the pic.

It may not be a perfect one. But it was quick, easy, and cute. And my daughter was also excited!

Something to make me happy again.

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