Friday, February 7, 2014

Interesting Happenings

With my little one and work, life does not give me much time to craft. Thanks to my parents being here, so that I get at least the minimal time for little knick knacks. 

I started something new - Teaching Crochet. Yes, I finally really did that. Initially I was very skeptical about the whole teaching process. Meeting new people, teaching, keeping up time, being organized, everything pulled me back. But then I finally made up my mind and put forward to the process. I created off a basic plan, worked out a fee, decided on some easy yet interesting patterns, and then put up my ad. Initially the response was not that great. Or the enquiries came from too far. But over the last 2 months, it started working out. I got a couple of interested candidates. And yes, I have been teaching them and it is really great!

What I like the most about these classes are that I get to interact with people interested in crafting and I get some crafty time without any distractions. I am not doing the classes at home. Otherwise my lil one wouldn't let me do it at all. So that's about the classes.

Something more interesting happened. In response to my ad, I got a call to put up a stall for an event! I really couldn't believe it or wasn't even prepared for it. But I didn't want this chance to slip by. So I held onto it tight. Family is also supportive. The event is happening tomorrow. I have been very busy over the past one week. My daughter waits for me to reach home in the evenings and doesn't leave me for anything else after that. And any few minutes I get when she is distracted from me, I take up the hook and yarn. I haven't made much progress. But managed to make a couple of items. I am sure it won't even be enough to fill up the table, but looking forward to it. 

Unlike selling online, this is actually going to be a tough job. I might have to answer queries, sit in the heat, organize and re-organize, and what all... not sure.

Hubby designed and got the visiting cards and tags printed out. He is also helping me with the tagging part. Mom and dad are ready to help with the paper bags. And my angel is ready to pull down and tear off anything coming within her reach :-)

Phew! Lots of work left for the day! More updates after the event. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Well Done Reshmi. Good Going! All the best dear